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Home of quality fancy chickens for exhibition or for a beautiful backyard flock. Good natured birds are very important to us. While we strive for our chickens to meet the Standard of Perfection, we also know that chicken keeping is more fun with friendly birds!

Ohio NPIP 31-1210

Avian Influenza H5/H7 Negative

Our Marans

2019 COLORS:

Black Copper

Blue Copper



Blue Birchen


For personality, show winning quality and dark eggs, our Marans are family and customer favorites! Our gentle roosters and easy going hens have proven hatch after hatch to pass along good natured personalities. I have hatched eggs from various sources across the country to raise, select, and cross birds that are true to breed standards for type and egg color, have excellent leg and toe feathering, as well as being friendly and easy to handle. Egg color from our hens is typically in the 4-7 range on the Marans egg color chart. 

We have 2 groups to choose from in 2018:

1) Our show and breeder quality Blue Copper, Black Copper and Splash group

2) Our Blue Birchen, Blue and Splash group (I still considered this a project group)


Our Bantam Cochins

2019 COLORS:


Black Mottled

Blue Mottled

Splash Mottled





CALICO: Our frizzle and smooth Calico Bantam Cochins are such a fun group for the backyard flock. Our Calico hens are very dependable layers and make great broodies. We have 2 smooth Mille/Calico males who are well-mannered and offer variety in the colors and patterns of the offspring. We currently have both smooth and frizzle hens that consistently produce strong and healthy chicks.

BBS MOTTLED, BBS (solid) and Lavender/Self-Blue: In this group of show winning lines we have a handsome Blue Mottled male with Blue Mottled, Black Mottled, Splash, Blue and Lavender hens.

These gorgeous birds are all smooth-feathered.

Our Bantam Ameraucanas

2019 COLORS:


We are excited to have a beautiful group of rare White Bantam Ameraucanas on our farm! These are true Ameraucanas (not Easter Eggers) that lay little blue/green eggs. These little beauties are gentle and have great personalities! We will be offering eggs on a limited basis and have some nice prospects that will go to shows this year!

Our Seramas

2019 COLORS:

Mixed Variety group

We have smooth and frizzle feather types and a fun variety of colors and patterns in our Serama Bantam flock. Our breeding birds are A and B sizes and their colors include: Wheaten, Black, Chocolate, Gold Laced, Duckwing-type and mixed. With Seramas, sizes and colors do not always breed true so there can be a wide variety of colors and patterns. Our birds are strong and cold hardy! Temperatures here in Ohio range from well below 0 to upwards of 100 degrees.  Just like our other birds on the farm, our Seramas live in fully insulated but unheated coops with access to go outside as they like during the day. 

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